Upload images or documents via a web browser form with this customisable asp upload script.

This is an asp image and file upload script (without the need of a component) that enables webmasters to offer their visitors a means to upload files and images to there website using a browser. See our demo for further clarification.

The script is very quick and easy to implement, it will run straight away the only requirements are:

1. A webserver that supports ASP (active server pages)
2. Enable write permissions for the upload folder (ask your ISP for this)

The image and file upload script has several customisable settings for file size restrictions so you can allocate the maximum size of file allowed, file types images and word documents  etc we have a selection of scripts to suit your file type requirements. The upload script also has a built in function to avoid duplicate file names from being uploaded this can be turned on or off.


Try our Photo Gallery solution here

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